From February 6 to 8, Claris’ 25th live event will be held: Claris Engage 2024.

It will be held at Apple Campus in Austin, Texas in the US, and our Senior developer, Claus Lavendt will give 3 sessions.

Install and configure your Claris FileMaker Server

This session with Claus will make you wiser about the components of Claris FileMaker Server, as well as the technologies that needs to be in place, such as DNS, firewall and router. After this session, you’ll have a good understanding of how FileMaker Server works and how to install and configure your server.

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Touch your data: Use web viewers to visualize data

In this session, Claus will share a different approach to visualizing data and navigating your app using web viewers, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SVG. Get creative and make your apps a joy to use. After this session, Claus Lavendt hopes to have inspired you to make your solutions more interesting to use and aims to leave you with more insight around using the right tech stack.

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Become champion of modular code

Want to become more efficient? Do you hate doing the same things over and over again? Then the session “Become champion of modular code” is for you. Here Claus will teach you tips and tricks on how to build and use modular code that can be used again and again. In addition, he will share concepts that make the code smarter and easier to re-use as well as maintain.

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You can read much more about Claris Engage 2024 right here.