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FileMaker GO 14 Crazy !

Now I can disclose that my session at the FileMaker Developer conference in Las Vegas is about all the great new things we can do with FileMaker GO 14. Attend my session, right after the keynote, to learn about all the new features and how to utilize the new tools so...

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FileMaker 14 is here !

With new great features that helps developers creating great solutions. Enhanced performance and great new tools is the key features in this release. Let's talk about how we can help you getting up on the FileMaker 14 platform. We know FileMaker 14 !

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Welcome to Thomas

DataManix is proud to announce the addition of Thomas Bach to our team. Thomas has initially a background in the graphic and advertising business, but has switch focus to work 100% with FileMaker development since then. With a background in various other branches,...

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