Framework and Modules - this is how it works

When we partner up you will benefit from our module based solutions. Start with our framework, combined with one or more modules and expand to your needs. We are always ready with advice and guidance.

Our framework is pretty good. And well tested. Many years of experience has been incorporated and is the foundation for getting you fast on track with your custom solution. Our partners are very different in size, which spans from 2-3 users to big international corporations with over 100.000 employees.

In reality, your solution will run on the same extremely well functioning framework and on top of that, we implements the modules, which makes a difference for you. In all, you get all the benefits by utilising already developed modules. In our opinion, that makes sense.

You decide whether we should take care of hosting your solution, enable Cloud hosting or managing an internal dedicated server at your facility.

Ready to learn more?

DataManix is Certified FileMaker Developers and Platinum Partners. Of course we offer an informal meeting with you.